KOMODITNÍ SERVIS a.s. distributes HoReCa products especially to the wholesale and retail markets in the Czech and Slovak Republic. Some products of our assortment made by producers of the whole Europe, U.S.A., Asia or Africa are imported and distributed as well.

Commodities offered:

GASTRONORM FOOD PANS AND LIDS and GASTRONORM BAKING PLATES – our company is a distributor of high-quality products of company CAMBRO which produces polycarbonate gastronorm food pans and lids and other equipment. Furthermore stainless steel tableware and plates of company AGNELLI are distributed here as well.

CERAMICS – our company is the supplier of wide assortment of glazy ceramics made by Czech producer KRUMVÍŘ Ceramics with longtime tradition. The assortment includes dinning ceramics such as plates, bowls, baking dishes and other products.

CHEFS AND BUTCHERS TOOLS – we distribute high-quality knives by traditional German producer, company Friedr. DICK GmbH, inluding other equipment, and wide assortment of wooden cutting boards and chopping blocks of company WOODBLOX, for chefs and butchers.

CREAM WHIPPERS AND SODA SIPHON – we are the distributor of high-quality products of company iSi which produces cream whippers and soda siphons including accessories and chargers.

TABLEWARE – High quality products of Italian producer, Baldassare Agnelli, such as pans, pots and saucepans, including copper products and pots and pans for induction are intended not only for professionals but also for households. Further we offer pressure cookers for chefs by Portugal producer ARTAME of volume up to 23 liters.

PARTY PRODUCTS – we offer wide assortment of products for your Birthday party or any other party. Such assortment includes garlands, balloons, lanterns, confetti, straws and other products for your party.

BAKING – we are an exclusive distributor of the German company KAISER. We supply trade networks with wide assortment of products for baking and products for confectioners such as baking plates and forms including silicone forms and cuisine accessories.

POTTERY – we are supplier of wide assortment of products intended for HoReCa segment made by high-quality producers such as Italian Saturnia, THUN, Czech traditional producer, but we supply also products imported from Asia.

GLASSWARE – we supply wholesale networks with wide assortment of glassware made by several wordlwide producers such as Bohemia Crystal, Schott Zwiesel, Krosno, but cheap moulded glassware imported from Asia and Africa are offered as well. Our company is also supplier of wide assortment of tableware for cooking and baking by traditional Czech producer of flame-ware products, SIMAX.

CANDLES – we are supplier of various kinds of candles such as lemon candles against mosquitos and insect, tea candles, aromatic candles or graveyard candles whereas these products are supplied mainly to trade networks.


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