About company

KOMODITNÍ SERVIS a.s. was based in 2006 as a company distributing HoReCa products and household goods. Since then company KOMODITNÍ SERVIS a.s. has been supplying markets, especially wholesale and retail markets, in the Czech and Slovak Republic. Brands selected fulfil customer demands of high quality which is neccessary in HoReCa branch.

At present company offers the following:

AGNELLI – professional aluminium and copper tableware (pots and pans), pots and pans for induction

ARTAME – professional pressure cookers of volume from 10 to 23 liters

BOHEMIA CRYSTAL – glassware for drinks, white and red wine glass, cognac and martini glass, champagne flute, jugs, decanters, etc.

CAMBRO – polycarbonate food pans and lids, fast food trays

DICK – professional knives, knives and equipment for chefs and butchers

ISI – professional cream whippers including Thermo whipper, soda siphon, chargers and equipment

KAISER – kitchenware for cooking and baking, pastry equipment and tools

CERAMIC KNIVES – ceramic knives, scissors and other products made of zirconium

KRUMVÍŘ CERAMICS – glazy dinning ceramics, plates, bows and other products

KROSNO – domestic glass – beer glass, long drink glasses of various volumes from 50 ml to 500 ml, etc.

PARTY PRODUCTS – wide assortment of party products such as confetti, balloons, garlands and sky lanterns

SATURNIA – Italian pottery for hotels, pizza and pasta plates, steak plates

SIMAX – baking dishes, pots and kitchenware made of flame-ware by traditional Czech producer

CANDLES – lemon candles (against mosquitos and insect), tea candles, aromatic candles and graveyard candles

THUN – cups, bowls, baking dishes by traditional Czech producer

WOODBLOX – high-quality wooden cutting boards a chopping blocks for professionals

Imported cheap moulded glasses for drinks and pottery

Our company has to disposition warehouse of almost 2,000 m2 whereas warehouse stock total involves about 800,000 pieces of products.


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